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What is Benco Services?

Benco Services is a full-service crypto marketing & management agency that specializes in the complex world of cryptocurrency, NFT and blockchain marketing. Our service areas include social media management, content production, creative and branding, community management and more.



Bringing lead generation and fresh traffic to your project is pivotal to its success. Here at Benco Services our specialists have various ways to do this, including: influencer marketing, press releases, collaborations, media buying, Discord-Telegram group marketing and more.


By hiring Benco Services, you have access to our local influencer and celebrity network who have a cumulative follower network of 300,000,000+. Having secured deals with the likes of Gary Vee, pitching projects to our network is a process that we have optimised for years.

Community Management

To maximise the success of a project, managing your pre-existing and growing community is a key consideration. Our team of experts has mastered the methods to cultivate an active, organic and responsive community through platforms like Discord and Telegram.

Social Media Management

Social media is your key to building a digital identity and our ‘bread and butter’. From Instagram and Twitter account management to Discord moderation, Benco Services use deep research into Web3 niches to produce the best SMM strategy for you, ensuring your brand builds its digital profile and grows organically.

Content Creation

Benco Services boasts an A-tier content team with expertise varying from video production, vector illustration and design. We create content tailored to your brand using deep analysis on style, brand message and Web3 virality.

Search Engine Optimization

Often undermined, crypto SEO can produce millions of dollars of revenue. Benco Services will undergo an auditing and research process identifying keywords, link-building opportunities and estimate increases in traffic. SEO for your crypto landing page is a key revenue generator.

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The Next Phase of the Internet

With the advent of new technologies, the way we interact with the internet is changing. We are moving from the "web 2.0" era, characterized by social media and user-generated content, to the "web 3.0" era, which promises to be more decentralized, private, and secure. Benco Services is your go-to vehicle to orientate your business in this new form of digital.

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Elevate your Crypto Brand

Experienced Agency

We have a long history of working with disruptive projects in the Web3 space. We have helped over 130 projects on their journey in over 25 different niches. From GameFi to NFT art projects to DeFi to exchanges and marketplaces, we have covered it all.

Blockchain Exclusive

Our service is exclusively for projects that incorporate blockchain technology. Unlike other Web3 marketing agencies, which tend to dabble in various niches, our expertise is streamlined and tailored fully to the Web3 niche.

Pioneering Strategy

We were one of the first agencies to fully leverage Discord marketing in the blockchain field, utilising these methods as early as 2020. Benco Services aims to be disruptive and set trends in the industry.

Specialist Team

Unlike most agencies, we ensure our network is homegrown and innovative strategies are produced in-house. Nothing is outsourced at Benco Services and we rely on our global set of experts.

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Senior Team

Having been in the crypto-space for over 3 years, our founders and senior team have experience in a range of Web3 niches with exclusive expertise. Our senior team is completely dedicated to blockchain technology and is always actively involved in client processes.

Enrico Miller
CEO of Benco Services
Jesse Schwenk
COO of Benco Services
Milan Ensink
Head Manager
Daniel Zadranský
Client Manager
Brent Mahler
Head of Creative
Alexandar Cavdarovski
Head of Digital Profile


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pay you post service and per sale?

To put it simply, no. We are dedicated to providing our best service to clients and work with them as a reliable and serious company. Most legitimate and scaled operations will require payment to a staff team and therefore payment upfront.

How do I know I will see an ROI on Benco Services' budgeted marketing work?

This depends on many factors. When we are hired, we will produce a budget plan for you to explain the marketing strategy that will take place and what we expect in terms of growth given the market conditions, budget amount, state of project and other factors. Budget planning is a collaborative process and marketing in Web3 is not a simple 'x = y' formula. Most sellers who claim to be able to calculate set ROI formulas in Web3 are being disingenuous.

How much does Benco Services cost?

Our cost is tailored to your needs. Once we understand which services are best suited to your project then we will give you a quote based on the package needed to fulfil all services listed. We are able to facilitate both lower and higher budget projects as our service list is very vast in price points.

Despite Benco Services offering a holistic service list, my business only needs one service - my team covers the rest! Can I still hire Benco Services?

Of course! There is no set minimum amount you have to spend with us as long as you are using at least one of our services at full price, it does not have to be a combination.

I would like to start with a given list of services, but change this and add more later on, in this instance what would be the process?

In this case, when you are looking to add more value to your experience at Benco Services you should contact your Client Manager and they will ensure you receive a separate quote with a separate billing date that is integrated into the same CRM system.

How does budget based work operate at Benco Services?

At Benco Services we do not take any percentage of budgets. 0%. All budgets will be handled in a ‘Budget Wallet’. Budget wallets are secure multi-signature wallets which are purely used for client needs such as paying an influencer for a campaign promotion. All fees to Benco Services itself are done through retainer and fixed-fee payments. If for whatever reason there is a remainder in the budget that has not been utilised for a campaign (for example) and you would like to terminate the Benco Services service, you will be refunded immediately.

What payment methods does Benco Services accept?

At Benco Services we accept cryptocurrency payments and bank transfer exclusively. We do not accept PayPal, CashApp or Vemno.

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