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Graphic Designer

Have you got content creation skills suited for Web3? Then this is the place for you. At Benco Services we are looking for professional designers to outshine often under-skilled branding and design in the Web3 space. This role category includes branding experts, video producers and editors, animators, illustrators and designers. You must have a portfolio that is presentable.

Community Manager
Community Management

This role is for proactive, people-friendly and socially active individuals in Web3. This role includes proactively bringing agendas for clients, managing Discord Server communities by hosting events, podcasts and giveaways, interacting with communities and sampling feedback. This role is not repeatable client to client and must be tailored and adjusted for different project needs; hence why proactivity is so vital.

Social Media Manager
Social Media Management

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram server creation, social posting, moderation, content creation and account management for both clients and ourselves is always something we are actively seeking at Benco Services. There is a huge variety of positions in this category.

Paid Ads Specialist

Have you ever led a successful Web3 media-buying campaign through apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok? Get in touch and show us your past results. We are looking for results driven paid-ads specialists for both clients and our own in-house team.

Marketing Manager

Influencer, celebrity and thought-leader marketing all come under this role. It is a vital role for clients that requires a lot of experience, reliability and creativity. Benco Services is looking for Web3 native individuals with disruptive marketing ideas who can bring our clients well crafted, chain-specific campaigns. This role is highly audited and requires a lot of experience.

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