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Social Media Management

Benco Services' Social Media Management team is the core of our service provision team. Social media is instrumental to success in Web3.

This department covers Telegram, Discord, Instagram, X and Reddit management. Our team will be able to fully craft, develop, optimise, content create and post on your media outlets to ensure your presence is optimised to cultivate a community.

Social Account Management

Social account management is a service we offer at Benco Services that involves managing the X and Instagram accounts of your project to increase your digital presence. You will have a dedicated team member that will post, design creatives,reply, like, comment and grow your X account and Instagram account. Social media is the storefront of Web3 consumer funnels. Your presence on X as a Web3 brand is arguably one of the most determinant factors to project virality. Generic education and advertisement posting does not work. We will ensure your account posting is congruent with your marketing agenda and the Web3 meta to maximise engagement and traffic.

Discord Management

Discord management is a service we offer at Benco Services that involves creating your Discord, developing custom bots, structuring channels and maintaining security. The assignee will make your Discord in a single session, implementing all necessary bots, code, security and aesthetic preferences and be available for fixes or troubleshooting thereafter. It is important to have a safe Discord that is ready to work as a functional hub for your Web3 community. A non-functional Discord makes projects appear unprofessional. Our Discord Manager will consult you on what channels and functions are essential for your community to operate. The function of a server  can relate to security, minting processes, marketing goals and more.

Social Moderation

Social moderation is the management of text based social channels, specifically Telegram and Discord,  to provide consumer support to the community and engage membership. You will have a team of 4 members from different parts of the world, presented as team members, chatting in your communities daily and offering support to answer questions. Web3 projects cultivate their community and hype factor via Telegram and Discord. A community with no support mechanisms is viewed as inactive and not committed. Our moderators will do extensive research about your project and be present in your onboarding meeting to ask questions and familiarise themselves. This will allow them to answer FAQs and chat more flexibly.

Strategic Partnership Management

Strategic partnership management is a service we offer at Benco Services to find other projects, DAOs, alpha groups and brands to partner your project with. You will have a dedicated team member working with your team who will negotiate on your behalf with potential partner outlets and execute the partnership on your behalf. Building partnerships with other projects is a fantastic way to gain mutual traffic, brand awareness and following in a cost effective manner as it does not require a budget. Our network and database contains hundreds  DAOs, alpha groups and other projects of many Web3 niches. Using this data, our team can find the brands that most closely match yours.

Community Management

A team member will become the face of your project in your Discord or Telegram by hosting events, managing moderators and executing community growth initiatives. You will have an assigned team member who will host events, gamify growth, instruct staff, build funnels and become a familiar face for your community and project. Web3 users are not just purchasing a product, they are purchasing entry into a community. A community without events, flare, activity and gamification elements will feel neglected. Community managers will collaborate closely with your other team members and managers to ensure their community initiatives are congruent with your project marketing and development.

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