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Social Media Management

Benco Services' Social Media Management team is the core of our service provision team. This department covers Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and TikTok management. Our team will be able to fully craft, develop, optimise, content create and post on your media outlets to ensure your presence is optimised to cultivate a community.

Social Account Management

This service involves managing Instagram and/or Twitter, TikTok, Reddit by replying to comments, posting content and developing content calendars. You will receive a fully dedicated account manager who will plan coherent strategies with your input through our client relation management software.

Social Media Development

This service involves the creation, optimisation and custom-coding of Discord and Telegram servers for your community. Our whole social media development team has to have worked with at least 1 server of 100,000 members or more to be in our team, meaning they have plenty of experience in user optimisation and server security. Benco Services is one of the most experienced agencies in the realm of Discord handling and development, utilising it in the Web3 space as early as June 2021.

Social Moderation

The key to cultivating a good community is having moderators for users to interact with. Our moderation service grants you 6 moderators spread across various nations to ensure all timezones and languages are catered for and welcomed in your community. Key responsibilities of our moderators include: answering questions, tickets and making sure scammers, impersonators and rule-breakers are removed from your community.

Strategic Partnership Management

This service involves the full management of Web3 partnerships for your project. This can take the forms of: other projects in your niche, DAOs, alpha groups, investor groups and more. Our strategic partnership managers will determine the best value propositions for mutual growth with other communities. This includes hosting AMAs, cooperative promotions, social posts, giveaways and planned events.

Community Management

This service grants you access to one of our committed community managers who will dedicate their time to managing the front-end of your project exclusively like it was their own. Planning weekly agendas, reporting community feedback, hosting events, making announcements and becoming a figurehead of your project are all key tasks for our community managers. One of the greatest changes Web3 brings to business is emphasis on community, do not undermine this pivotal aspect of your project.

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Key Tools That We Use

Social Pilot

Scheduling Tool

Hub Spot

CRM Software For Businesses

Adobe Creative Cloud

World's Most Popular Creative Platform


Brand Success Platform To
Grow Successful Brands

Hoot Suite

Social Media Managament Platform

Tweet Deck

Application For Management Of
Twitter Accounts
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