Influencer Marketing

Our influencer marketing service connects your project with KOLs, thoughtleaders, celebrities and influencers in order to promote your product. A specialist will create a bespoke campaign for you and execute it once approved. We have continuous data on and contact with the best people to work with in Web3. Bringing traffic and attention to your product is key. Some of the worst products with traffic make millions and some of the best products with no traffic make nothing. Due to every campaign being bespoke the research and consultation element of this service is much more extensive than others. We will make a plan based on the number of influencers you want and your budget.

Reddit Marketing

A service of  aggressive posting, upvoting and engagement farming across Reddit to increase following and traffic to your NFT project or coin. To spike conversation and bring attention to the post we will be sending 100-1000 upvotes to each post, driving it into the trending posts list. Reddit traffic helps with project Search Engine Optimisation as well community traffic on Discord and Twitter. It also has a chance to make the project go viral.

Media Buying

Media buying involves having an ad expert run your ad accounts on Google, Meta, X and other platforms in order to achieve an ROI and bring traffic to your product. After allocating a budget our media buying expert will then produce ad creatives, optimise targeting and funnels. The campaign will continuously be A/B tested to improve. Certain Web3 products and exchanges need to market to a mass audience and grow their consumer base beyond the local space. Media buying is the best vehicle to do this.

Spaces Marketing

Spaces are live audio streams on X. Spaces are used to host AMAs, podcasts and shows. Benco Services is connected to some of the biggest and best in Web3 where you can be featured. Benco Services has networked with many of the hosts and founders of these shows and Spaces on X. As a result we know their priority, requirements and procedures to get featured. Presenting live in well known shows and AMAs is a way to attract genuinely interested investors and customers and connect with them as a Founder. We constantly update our database and contacts with the latest data on which Spaces are the most viewed, produce the best results and the processes required to participate. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization enhances website visibility on search engine results, driving organic traffic by optimizing content, structure, and backlinks. Our experts analyze your website, identify improvements, optimise content, build quality backlinks, monitors rankings, adjusts strategies, and stay updated on search engine algorithms. Increases visibility, drives organic traffic, boosts credibility, enhances user experience, outpaces competitors and which brings more revenue to your Web3 project.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing service involves building email lists, email design, newsletter production, list building strategy, monthly content calendar and email automation. You will work with our email marketer - the best Web3 email marketer in North America. They will handle your whole email campaign and execute on the delivery. Often undervalued in Web3, email marketing is an excellent way to maximise the value of your customers by increasing trading volume, customer retention and other key metrics. We will do thorough examination of your project goals as this is essential to email marketing. For example exchanges want increased CVR whereas DAOs want more community engagement.

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