Enrico Miller

I have been heavily involved in social media development, growth, marketing strategy and community management of culture related channels for 2 years, working on and owning numerous social pages with hundreds of thousands of members/followers. I then moved to more project management and business management positions within the projects I operated in.

I then took these skills and applied them to a new space I was interested in: the blockchain. I have been involved in the 'crypto-space' for 3 years. I founded my agency in 2021 and have worked with over 130 clients thereafter. This covers all types of crypto-projects; from marketplaces to NFTs to coins on blockchains like Ethereum, Solana and Avalanche. I am currently pursuing my passion for building blockchain projects by working on several agencies, start-ups and collections. I have now expanded this with my latest blockchain endeavour supporting Web2 businesses integrating Web3 technology - H7.

Recently, I have delved into the world of renewable energy, co-founding a Mediterranean solar energy startup with a farm in the Canary Islands. I am always on the look out for new connections in the renewable energy sector.

Do not hesitate to Connect for any inquiries or discussion.

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