Top 10 Crypto Influencers to Follow in 2023

Jesse Schwenk
January 17, 2023
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As the crypto industry continues to gain mass popularity, there has been a rise of star figures in the crypto space. Otherwise known as crypto influencers, these individuals have a massive influence on the crypto industry due to their profound knowledge of specific niches and trustworthy online presence. They have taken to the Internet to share insights and perspectives on the market, helping both novice and experienced investors navigate the space with ease.

And since we are at a time when it is the most effective influencer marketing strategy for cryptocurrencies, influencers have become invaluable to the industry. After all, with so many crypto scams popping up, finding trustworthy crypto information can be challenging for the most part.

So, if you're looking for a fun, reliable, and approachable way to understand crypto concepts and get up-to-date industry updates, here's a list of crypto influencers and thought leaders worth following on Twitter. We will briefly explore their content background and professional experience.

1. Jerzy NFT


Jerzy is a YouTube NFT influencer with a massive following, 35.5K followers on YouTube, and counting. His channel focuses solely on NFTs by sharing some of the latest news within this space. Primarily, Jerzy talks about Solana NFTs and other informative content around this dApps platform.

Jerzy is also the founder TheExperiementSol, an NFT collection that's quite interesting. This collection has a unique spin on twisted PFPs. The company is currently working on establishing an empire outside the NFT space. So, if you are into the NFT industry, Jerzy is the perfect person to follow.

2. Encz Crypto


EnczCrypto recently joined Twitter but is quickly making a name in crypto circles. And if you are a heavy investor in crypto, EnczCrypto is someone to watch out for. He is the co-founder of H7 Blockchain Strategies and Solutions, a web3 consultancy that's managed to generate 5-figure revenues within the first few months of operations.

EnczCrypto, or Enrico Miller, is the Chief Executive Officer at Benco Services, a marketing agency specializing in Web3 marketing. He is definitely a force to reckon with and an influential person in the crypto world. If you are looking for a crypto enthusiast with vast knowledge of the market and web3, EnczCrypto is undoubtedly the person to follow in 2022/2023.

3. Farokh


This crypto influencer list can't be complete without Farokh Sarmad. He is a 26-year-old social media influencer and entrepreneur. He's the CEO of Goodlife Media and Communications, which operates one of the largest luxury and real estate distribution networks with over 13 million followers on Instagram.

On top of that, he runs Rug Radio which is the first decentralized Web3 media ecosystem. Essentially, it's a channel where the hosts, project founders, experienced collectors, and community members exchange ideas about NFTs and Web3, among other investment opportunities. And although he isn't an NFT creator, he has dramatically influenced the NFT industry.

He's popularly known for his love of collecting artwork as NFTs. In fact, he owns some of the most iconic artworks of all time, like 'Make Love Not War' by @AlienqeenNFT and Cory Van Lew's art from his timepiece collection. What's more, he's one of the best there is when it comes to social marketing and branding.

4. Iced Knife


 Iced Knife is another crypto YouTube influencer who just recently started his channel. He's been quite vocal on Twitter, keeping his followers updated about what's happening in the market while at the same time engaging in heated conversations. Iced Knife currently has a massive following, over 281.8K followers on Twitter, and his YouTube channel keeps growing.

Iced Knife is the host and founder of GoodPriceShow, which primarily talks about crypto, but from some of the videos, their main focus is on NFTs and the Solana blockchain. Ice Knife and his partners talk about some of the exciting topics in the NFT world and how you can get involved with them.

They are obviously not financial advice, but it's good to be in the loop when it comes to the latest in cryptos before investing in them. And Ice Knife ranks up as one of the top 10 crypto influencers to follow in 2022.

5. SOL Big Brain


SOL Big Brain is another influential crypto enthusiast and the founder of Howrareis Investment. This platform updates the audience on some of the upcoming NFT drops on the Solana ecosystem. That's pretty useful if you are into buying and selling NFTs. However, you should understand that the drops on this platform are not endorsed by HowRare.Is. And it's crucial to always do your own research.

All in all, Sol Big Brain is also the advisor of AzraGames, a video game company. Sol Big Brains has a vast knowledge of the crypto and NFT marketing industry, which he constantly shares with his followers. However, since his focus is on NFTs, Solana NFTs at that, his profile is best for anyone who'd like to learn more about this specific industry.

6. Frank DeGods


Frank DeGods is another popular social experimenter. He's well known in the crypto community as the co-founder of DeGods Dust Labs and y00ts. In case you are wondering, DeGods is a digital art collection and global NFT community. It's a collection of misfits, degenerates, and punks forming a community that the Solana Blockchain powers.  

With DeGod's NFT, you can mine $DUST which is the native token of DeGod. Also, the ownership of this NFT provides access to  DYOR, DeGods NFT tracking mobile app, membership ticket in the DeGods community, as well as tons of other exciting utilities. His extensive presence on social media channels has proven to be a great push for NFTs and Web3.

7. Alex


Alex, also known as @ShiLLin_ViLLian, is hands down one of the most controversial people in the NFT Twitter community. Over the last couple of months, Alex has risen fast to be one of the most known NFT Twitter handles with over 100k followers.

He's popularly known for being vocal in Twitter Spaces and sharing some of the most controversial ideas. While Alex's rowdy personality tends to split opinions in the NFT community, there's no doubt he's becoming one of the most influential people in the NFT Twitter community.

8. DeeZe


DeezeFi is another sensational figure in the NFT Twitter community. Besides being the director of the digital marketplace @fractional_art, he collects NFTs that are art pieces in the Metaverse and is the co-host of the We Do A Little Podcast. He also has a project known as NEONDAO that allows users to create detailed avatars with new metaverse features. Users can make wizards, warriors, and a variety of other characters.

DeezeFi runs engaging Twitter spaces on topics around NFT pricing, among other relevant topics. He has also participated in many podcasts. On top of that, DeezeFi encourages and welcomes artists and photographers to his Twitter handle to share educational and entertaining content to keep followers interested. His display picture on Twitter and other social handles is a crypto punk avatar.

9. Dikasso


Dikasso is quite popular around NFT circles, and with good reason. Not only does this NFT influencer create NFTs, but he's also a VR artist. Above all, Dikasso collects NFTs as well, so you can understand his vast knowledge in this field. Some of his collections include Based Fish Mafia, Rarible, and Tides Estates.

Dikasso, on several occasions, doesn't regard himself as an NFT influencer, but his 28K followers tend to disagree. He is definitely someone to follow if you are new to the NFT space and need some insight into the market.

10. j1mmy.eth.


Another crypto influencer that's worth following is J1mmyeth. He is the founder of NFT42, a company that largely deals with NFT solutions, for instance, life-like Ethereum avatars and tools that brands can utilize to help manage their NFTs. Additionally, followers know that NFT42 oversees one of the most active NFT communities. J1mmyeth has an impressive following of over 151K people on Twitter.

He also co-founded TheGoda_io and is an advisor at the national lampoon. On top of that, j1mmyeth is the founder of AvaStarsNFT and Nameless_NFT. J1mmyeth's experience warrants him a spot in the top 10 crypto influencers to follow in 2022. That said, he is the ideal person to follow if you are starting out in the crypto world and would like some insightful information on the same. But remember, his tweets are typically geared towards NFTs, so he is the ideal influencer for anyone willing to venture into the NFT space. 

In Summary

As the Metaverse and crypto industry expands, crypto influencers are becoming more integral to the ecosystem. After all, the crypto industry has grown into a trillion-dollar asset class. It's no longer just a buzzword for the tech-savvy. The Web3 and NFTs industry are showing massive potential to transform how everyone views and uses the Internet.

With that said, if you're interested in staying on top of crypto trends, follow the ten crypto influencers we've discussed above. They will cover everything from market updates to the technical implementation of cryptocurrencies and their business implications. However, while these are some of the greatest names in the crypto Twitter community, keep an eye out for new influencers who might come through with innovative ideas and concepts and the best insights about the market. 

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