The Key Strategies to Grow Your Crypto Community

Jesse Schwenk
November 2, 2022
5 min read

Most people consider developing the project the most challenging part of creating a thriving crypto ecosystem. Wrong! The marketing after is where the work is. Fueling community growth in the early stages of a project can be pretty taxing. And since this is a risky industry, investors tend to be picky about their investment projects making everything even more challenging. Yet communities remain instrumental to the success of every crypto project.

Often, people prefer already established and credible cryptocurrency ecosystems. So, how can you get investors to gain confidence in a newer project? Developing and sustaining a crypto community has proven to be a surefire way to attract investors to your crypto project. But if you want to stand out from the competition, you'll need more than just your sparkling Twitter following. To build a strong crypto community, you must invest a lot more time and resources and be innovative with your marketing approaches. But how exactly do you get started? Well, this article will outline the top nine tricks and tips to grow your crypto community in this frontier.


1. Build a Compelling Story and Vision

Naturally, people always feel drawn to something they can relate to. Inside jokes and slang quickly become shared stories and eventually the basis of culture. That's why people tend to identify more with the thought leaders and vision behind a project than the project itself.

Therefore, if you are trying to grow your crypto community, you'll have better luck if you build an excellent story and vision for your crypto project. That allows you to share the objectives of your project and, even better, entice potential investors.

With a unique project story, you can teach your potential audience how the project would be valuable to them and society. Bitcoin is one of the projects with a moving project story that introduced a new asset class that would potentially create a level playing field and free people from the centralized monetary system. That has contributed mainly to the massive growth of Bitcoin over the years.

2. Employ the Right Social Media Channels

Social media marketing is another tool that will help you articulate your community-building strategy. With billions of daily users, social media can help create a tight-knit community. The proper social media channels will help you expand your online community, build brand awareness and credibility and engage with your audience.


While not all social media platforms will work in your favor, choosing the right ones helps you strengthen customer relationships and reach a wider targeted audience. For instance, Twitter will work in your favor as it's seen as the primary platform for crypto communities. Also, Telegram channels give community members a platform to connect with the core project team intimately.

Since your focus is growing your crypto community, ensure you evaluate the channels your audience uses the most. While at it, it would help to identify your competitors in the same social media channels and assess their strengths and weaknesses so that you can outdo them.

3. Influencer Outreach

Another crucial aspect of building a crypto community is getting influencers to talk about your project. Influencers are social media moguls who will spread news faster and have people talking about your project in no time. They will create hype around your project so that you can show the world what you have to offer.


Many crypto projects have failed because developers built a token and expected people to show up and support their venture. A lukewarm community with no active members leads to the premature death of most crypto projects, no matter how great they would have been.

With no buzz about a token, it's almost impossible to achieve the visibility you desire. Imagine a crypto project that no one is talking about; investors would be wary of putting in the money or even being associated with it.

4. Strategic Collaborations with Other Projects

Strategic collaboration between projects has been one of the most commonly used methods for growing crypto communities. Collaborating with other projects in the industry will help you gain exposure in an already existing community. This strategy usually boosts the newer crypto community by presenting a broader community with a unique, enticing opportunity.

5. Offer Incentives

Giveaways are another proven way to grow your crypto community. They give you free PR, attracting new users to your community. The way it works is; you incentivize your existing user base to share about the project by participating to win a giveaway contest. Sometimes this may attract giveaway hunters who, in most cases, aren't real users, but for the most part, it has been a reliable driving point for growing communities in the crypto industry.

On top of that, you can offer bounty programs to your audience. That may include free tokens to loyal community members for being active in the community or incentivizing existing members to bring new members. With this strategy, you'll be able to expand your reach and consequently build your crypto community further.

6. Keep Things as Decentralized as Possible

In the past years, developers have lived by the mantle- we build, and they'll come. Most founders who get in the game with this mentality later have a hard time attracting a community that can evangelize the solutions the project aims at providing. However, things seem to be taking a new turn with the introduction of Web3. Developers are now building together in public.

That has proven helpful as crypto founders have understood that community members are not just after the product the project offers. Communities are also motivated by the project's vision, its roadmap, and how they could potentially be involved in the project's success. What do I mean? Community members also want to be involved in the building phase as it allows them to benefit significantly from the project once it becomes a success.

With an excellent tokenomics design, you will attract a community of believers who will be rewarded for contributing to the project's growth. That gives your community-building efforts a compounding effect as community members will want to stay until the project is successful. That's because they don't want their previous contributions to go to waste.

7. Leverage the Network Effect

Since your community members can largely influence your crypto project's long-term success, you must invite only those interested in your project. Ensure your audience is well-balanced with both users and developers. That ensures you create an all-around community of investors, newbies, and even traders. And that is only possible with a proper networking strategy.

But as you invite only interested members to your community, you must create a well-defined roadmap that indicates the proper stages to bring in specific individuals. Clearly outline your milestones and the most effective way to get people involved in your crypto community.

8. Engage the Community

Once your crypto community starts gaining some traction, you must keep it active by engaging with your audience consistently through;

  • Responding to comments on the social media channels
  • Encourage conversations among your audience
  • Conducting community conferences, events, and meetups
  • Conducting AMAs (Ask Me Anything)
  • Holding quiz programs, among others

Promoting valuable discussions in your crypto community will bring as many people as possible into the discussions. This is an approach that not only helps you strengthen the existing relationship with your audience but also attracts new users. Once people notice how dedicated and committed you are to giving your customers value, they'll want to be part of your community.


Keep in mind that a crypto community should be active all the time. Otherwise, your community members will lose interest in the involvement if you are not taking the initiative to engage with them. With that said, it would help if you develop a plan about the content you'd like to share daily with your community. You have no choice but to keep the fire burning.

9. Proper Management of Your Community

The management process of your community is as important as the building phase. While you may attract users to be part of your crypto community, they will have no interest in staying if your community lacks direction.

Therefore, you can't overlook the importance of properly managing your crypto community if you want to retain your existing audience and foster continued growth of your audience. You can either use third-party tools to automate the management of your crypto community or hire an agency to keep things in order.

In Summary

As we've seen in this article, the cohesion of a crypto community is the lifeblood of most crypto projects. The community you build for your project will be your cheerleaders, fans, and advocates. With a well-engaged community, you will not only maintain your audience but also attract more people.

For that reason, developers have become keener in growing communities for their crypto projects. There are still many skeptics in the crypto world, so when people see that a project is widely supported, they tend to trust it more. And with the strategies we've shared in this article, you'll be able to grow your crypto community to new heights.

Jesse Schwenk
CEO, Benco Services
I am the COO of Benco Services and the Founder of NFTZoomer. I have been passionate about building successful community-based projects for the past 4 years. I've been in the web3 space for the last 2 years and have a great passion for shaping the future of Web3. ‍
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