Jungle Cats

01. The Challenge

JungleCats was a project with high-quality artwork and a solid core team and marketing plan. However, the community management optimisations were not in place to maximise retention KPIs on social media. There was a lot of convolution and lack of management.

02. Solution

Benco Services was brought in to run some influencer campaigns and help manage and structure the community. We set up moderation systems and revamped the Discord server to improve its stability. We implemented a weekly event schedule, helped moderate an extremely crowded chat, and maintain the focus of the community towards launch. The launch was a success with the project selling out in minutes. There was a huge influx of scammers that came as expected with such an anticipated launch and the Benco team helped deal with them appropriately. Our performance enhanced the JungleCats social media structure and implemented our methods to bring stability to what was already a thriving project and managed to run an influencer campaign making the project gain 2,000-3,000 potential buyers.

03. Statistics

Daily Message Average Increase: 8,000
Daily Moderation Actions Increase: 200
Money Saved on Marketing Campaign: $2,500

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