01. The Challenge

Yummy Coin ($YUMMY) is a charity-based cryptocurrency focused on providing contributions to help solve some of the world's most pressing issues. When we joined the team, the project only had a presence on Telegram, where they had about 20,000 members. The team was not experienced in handling other social media.

02. Solution

After we joined the team, we set up a Discord server and marketed it through various affiliated outlets to reach 20,000 members within the span of 6 weeks. Through hosting giveaways and AMA events, we retained the server activity while bringing more hype to the coin. The Discord is currently at 22,000 members and is a shilling and community hub for Yummy Coin. Through Benco Services, Yummy diversified its community and had an increased amount of community interaction and buyers of the cryptocurrency. Benco also pushed a cross-media marketing campaign for the YUMMY token to bring it many new holders from Instagram and TikTok.

03. Statistics

Discord Membership Increase: 25,000
Telegram Membership Increase: 3,000 Holders Increase: 2,000
Money Saved on Marketing Campaign: $3,400
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