Is There Any Difference Between Writing Blog and a Press Release– An In-Depth Breakdown

Enrico Miller
November 21, 2022
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In today's consumer-operated and web-driven world, informational content is thriving for powerful reasons. Whilst leaving a prominent footprint of your pitch is substantially more important for creating a strategic roadmap for your clientele, there's no other better method to get the job done than formulating blogs or press releases.

This is essentially true when you want to expand your digital assets, products, crypto ICOs or NFT projects worldwide, which are dime-a-dozen. Most crypto fanatics have amassed huge slices of sales through press release campaigns while new NFT projects supplemented a whole community of consumers by publishing various informational blogs.

However, when it comes to promoting your crypto or NFT services, it's essential to be mindful of which form of marketing strategy will suit your business best. Hence, this article will provide you with a complete breakdown of the difference between a blog and a press release whilst guiding you on which one will be more beneficial for the digital exposure of your brand or business.

The Difference Between a Blog and a Press Release

You could unequivocally have your next best NFT or crypto project ready, yet fail to pertain to its success if you don't understand your audience. As of today, more than 25% of adults from the US are highly engaged in purchasing NFTs.


This has been possible as Crypto enthusiasts and NFT creators came up with a well-curated plan that supports the worldwide expansion of their prospective products– through digital marketing, which is where the blogs and press releases come into play.

However, As similar as they might sound, they're quite different from each other. To answer the age-old question, Here's a step-by-step breakdown of all the key factors that make the difference between a blog and a press release.

Blog Post: Informal Informational Updates and Know-Hows

Blog posts are "Weblogs", the type of publishings that are written in a conversational tone where opinions, brand insights, informational know-how, and service-related queries are expressed. It establishes a communication gateway between the buyer and the seller using laid-back casual language.


As a result, whether you're pitching a new NFT project or illuminating educational information about the new forthcoming WEB 3 world, you can create a path of authenticity for your audience as well as create a sense of trust, which ultimately plays a crucial role in increasing sales.

key factors that make a blog


1. Keep it Real and Conversational

Blogs are short and concise and are always constantly updated and managed on a conversational basis, whilst reflecting the individual's knowledge of expertise or opinions onto you, (the reader) as though it's a conversation.

This creates a direct connection to the reader and offers imminent proof of legitimacy, which hooks them onto your brand whether it's an NFT briefing or ideas on what crypto is.

To this exact effect, crypto bloggers exist, like The Merkle, who not only keep covering different informational topics about the crypto world but also constantly keep updating readers about their services.

2. Informal and Relaxed Tone

Blogs are proficiently more popular for adhering to a casual and laid-back informal tone. This fun and frolic tone can steer a hint of relaxation amongst the vast guides, updates, and information on Cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which hooks readers and generates a greater targeted clientele.

3. Commentary or Expression of Opinions

One of the key factors that make the difference between a blog and a press release is that blogs offer opinions, quick tips, and tricks, whilst also educating the readers on various topics. An expert individual's commentary can often help the reader better understand the products and services.

Active Communication with the Audience

Being able to communicate with the audience or readers through the comment section is another key factor that makes the difference between a blog and a press release stand out.

As a result, in blogs, NFT enthusiasts or crypto managers can actively ask questions about the informational updates on the website.

Press Release: Formal Newsworthy Declarations or Announcements

Press releases are intact, tactile, and formal announcements that are fact-filled texts with concise updates and significant news value. Big impactful occurrences, product or service values, fluctuating market prices, forthcoming Cryptocurrencies, extensive NFT projects, and company information are all covered through press releases.


Key factors that make a press release


1. Tight And Factual Information

Press releases are professional manuscripts of up-to-date news that address various company updates and inscribe journalistic needs. When it comes to NFT marketing or updates on prominent crypto brands, NFT press releases play a tremendously crucial role as a marketing toolkit.

These news inceptions work as they provide valuable newsworthy announcements to the journalists with an easy-to-read format like the "who", "what", "when", "where" and "why" updates. This way, you are informing your audience of actual and concurrent facts about the updated NFT and Crypto services.

2. Strict Format

Unlike blogs, press releases follow a strict format title, subheading, and body that consists of different announcements or updates.

This is especially effective for the WEB 3, crypto, or NFT brands as a buzz is created by the declaration of different upcoming events, products, or digital services.

3. Formal and Literal Tone

A formal and conversational tone is maintained throughout all the press releases as the main goal of this scripture is to inform and declare news or updates of the company.

Different NFT open market updates and crypto branding's official statements are demonstrated through press releases

4. Authenticity and Credible Relationship With the Readers

Since press releases are influential for their formal and factual news format, a bridge of authenticity, trust, and credible source equipment are created to target audiences or clients via the website.

As a result, both NFT and Crypto enthusiasts rely on insights and regularly updated analytics of this multi-billion industry. A clear example is the open-source press release platform CoinDesk.

Blog Post or Press Release: Which one is Best Suited For Your Business?

Content is king when it comes to the digital promotion or advertisement of a successful campaign. According to the Content Marketing Institute, almost 92% of marketers view content as a major business asset. Hence the use of both methods can break or make your next big project if you're not wary of the difference between a blog and a press release.

Posting Blogs Will Suit Your Business Best When You Want to

1. Preach Educational Information and Updates on Prospective Topics

Since the world of Cryptocurrencies and NFT is booming and we're only a few steps closer to descent into the WEB 3 world, it's only fair to say many people are still not fully educated on these niche markets.

2. Drive Traffic to Your Website Through SEO

Websites are the root carriers of your content. To boost your brand and equip traffic to your website, different updated blogs on NFTs, Crypto ICOs, and the global market can significantly boost your brand through the presence in the SERP engine.

3. Communicate With Consumers

Image distribution or snippets of NFTs or even questionnaires of Cryptocurrencies are communicated to the consumers via the comment section of a blog. If communication with consumers is a key goal of your business, blogs can prove to be a good option.

Communicate With Consumers

4. Pertain Flexibility

Flexible distribution of information about the Crypto market is possible via blogs adhering to personal opinions and tips. If this is your goal, you can create a clientele base by formulating blogs.

Press Releases Will Suit Your Campaign Best When You Want to

1. Share Series of Announcements and Updates News

Accumulation of new announcements of different WEB 3, crypto, or NFT channels, sharing newsworthy updates, company insights, news of ongoing market prices, etc, thrive most when prompted through press releases.

2. Establish Social News Outcomes

People ought to interact as soon as a press release comes out. Promotion of new projects is likely more with press releases in terms of crypto or NFT branding, especially when distributed as news outcomes to various journalists.

3. Maximize SEO Performance

When a media outlet publishes the press release, the announcement or event is back linked to your website, which ultimately drives traffic to your site–maximizing SEO Performance

4. Solidify the Authenticity of the Brand

Press releases work as a trust-building tool that not only establishes the authenticity of your crypto or NFT brand but also forecasts a legitimate loyal customer base.

Get Started on Your Next Campaign and Implement What's Worthwhile For You

Now that you are familiar with the difference between a blog and a press release, you can come up with an indefinite plan that takes your brand to the path of success.

The NFT market will soon reach $60 billion by the year 2023. With the constant increase of this market and the already stood up multi-billion Crypto market, it's only fair if you start your next campaign with which strategy suits your brand best!

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