A Complete Guide to Writing a Perfect Influencer Marketing Proposal!

Enrico Miller
December 20, 2022
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A Complete Guide to Writing a Perfect Influencer Marketing Proposal
A Complete Guide to Writing a Perfect Influencer Marketing Proposal

Influencer marketing is a major form of word-of-mouth marketing and houses the potential to boost your company’s growth manifold. It can effectively bolster your brand’s online visibility, build rapport with new customers, strengthen relationships with existing clients, and create an overall trustworthy brand.

However, influencer marketing works only when you have creative and reliable influencers on your team. Ever wondered how some brands bring in the most talented influencers for their marketing campaigns? Well, they diligently develop an influencer marketing proposal to make sure the influencers understand what is expected from them.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about writing a winning influencer marketing proposal. We will discuss the fundamentals of an influencer marketing campaign proposal, share the steps to create one, and showcase a few examples as we conclude. So let’s jump right into the content, shall we?

What is an influencer marketing campaign proposal?

The modern-day marketing strategy is incomplete without influencers. After all, these are people that help your product, service, or offer to hit the ground running and reach the target audience in the most creative way possible. But as a brand, you cannot afford to approach influencers without a solid plan.

You need to create an influencer marketing proposal where you clearly define your marketing strategy and objectives. The proposal should elucidate the “What, How, and Why” of your upcoming influencer marketing campaign — helping all the involved team members and influencers stay on the same page.

In other words, an influencer marketing proposal will ensure complete alignment between your brand, major stakeholders, and influencers that will work on the project. Moreover, developing an influencer marketing proposal is the best way to showcase your professionalism and market reputation. Let’s move ahead and learn more about writing an impeccable influencer marketing proposal, shall we?

What are the benefits of writing an influencer marketing proposal?

The idea behind creating a marketing proposal or plan is simple — to have a document that helps everyone involved in the team stay on the same page. But the benefits of writing an impeccable influencer marketing proposal do not end there.

We suggest companies create influencer marketing proposals as it gives them the opportunity to revise the company goals and objectives. The revised objectives can then lead the marketing campaign and systematize the entire endeavor.

benefits of writing

The clarity achieved through the marketing proposal goes on to help companies create measurable business goals. Not just that, the proposal allows them to achieve consistency and uniformity across all marketing channels — giving the impression of a reliable brand.

Most importantly, it helps influencers stick to the project details and stay within the campaign budget. Influencers can always fall back on the marketing proposal whenever they are confused or in doubt. Let’s move ahead and learn more about writing an influencer marketing proposal.

Eight tips to write an effective influencer proposal!

We want you to take the right step forward as you create an influencer marketing proposal. Check out these crucial tips that will help you understand what it takes to write an effective proposal.

an effective influencer proposal
Eight Tips to Write an Effective Influencer Proposal

1. Know your “why”

Pull back and think — what do you want from the influencer marketing campaign? Create a big-picture view as it will help envision the process for the campaign. Your “why” will help drive the campaign in the right direction.

2. Address your campaign

Make sure the influencer marketing proposal has your campaign defined as clearly as possible. Use the proposal to address the topics, audience, channels, content types, and more you’d want to include in the campaign.

3. Explain the objective

Every effective influencer marketing proposal contains an in-depth analysis of the campaign objectives. The proposal should make influencers acquainted with the campaign goals and KPIs.

4. Define why you need influencers

Indeed, you want to run an influencer marketing campaign. But, influencers should know precisely why you need them to run the campaign. Use the proposal to show how influencers can help the brand achieve the set objectives and goals. 

5. Use a structure

We have shared a structure for your upcoming influencer marketing campaign proposal. Follow the 14-slide structure to include all the crucial details in the proposal. You may add more slides to include more details and make the proposal more thorough. A well-structured influencer marketing proposal makes it easier to digest the information at a glance.

6. Create an on-brand proposal

Make sure you create an on-brand influencer marketing campaign proposal. Stay professional and create a proposal just like you create other business-related graphics and documents. 

7. Don’t make it too detailed

Don’t include every minor detail in the influencer marketing proposal. The proposal is to bring in the right talent to the team. Once you shortlist the influencers, you can create a detailed outline. Until then, keep things concise.

8. Execution

Share the influencer marketing proposal with the influencers across major influencer marketing platforms. These platforms allow brands to post projects and hunt talented influencers. 

14 major slides in any influencer marketing proposal!

Now that you are well acquainted with the fundamentals, it’s time we discuss the major elements of any influencer marketing proposal. Let’s jump right in!

1. Title slide

This is the first slide of the proposal. Hence, you should prioritize the slide as it sets the mood for the rest of the presentation. While the title slide will have basic information like company name, project title, and contact information, you are free to make the slide more creative.

2. Table of contents

The next slide usually contains the table of content. This slide is quite simple and should outline the entire influencer marketing proposal with the slides and slide numbers in the right order. The slide should help influencers gauge the depth of the proposal.

3. Campaign goals

In this slide, marketing managers should write 1-2 sentences about their organization and the influencer marketing campaign. More importantly, the slide should focus on campaign goals that you hope to accomplish. List the goals in order of priority.

4. Campaign message

The influencers you hire will create posts for your marketing campaign too. Now, it’s crucial for them to understand the message you want to convey through the posts. Therefore, we suggest you add specific information that you want the influencers to include in the post captions.

5. Success metrics

You might have to be a little thorough with this slide. Mention the social media networks you want to target and the subsequent goals, strategies, tactics, and KPIs. Make sure you address each network individually.

6. Key objectives

Influencers will need to know the channels you want them to use throughout the campaign. Share the information as you address the key objectives of the marketing campaign. The objectives can be brand awareness, sales, traffic, engagement, downloads, or more.

7. Deliverables

Do you have a content schedule for the marketing campaign? Prioritize it as you’d have to share the schedule with the influencers. Use this slide to show which content should be pasted when and on which channel.

8. Target audience

Who do you want to target through the influencer marketing campaign? This slide in the influencer marketing proposal should provide a brief introduction to the demographic or psychographic details. List the different personas you’d want to address through the campaign.

Target Audience

9. Budget

Influencers need to know how much budget your brand can allocate for the campaign, or for particular content. Make sure you use this slide to include the budget influencers will receive to run the campaign. Nothing’s better than a month-by-month breakdown.

10. Deadlines

You should have clarity over the start and end dates of the influencer marketing campaign. This slide in the influencer marketing proposal should showcase the key dates of the campaign. Moreover, it should include the deadlines for different content pieces until the campaign launch.

11. Campaign reporting

Optimization is key to digital marketing success. And it’s possible if you generate regular campaign reports. This slide in the influencer marketing campaign proposal should include the key metrics your company will use to measure campaign success. 

12. Content review

Not all brands have the same content review process. Therefore, influencers should be introduced to the content review process at your organization. Describe it in detail using steps as this will help avoid misunderstandings and chaos during the campaign development phase.

13. Payment

How will you pay the influencer for the campaign? There are different payment models you can adopt for the influencer marketing campaign. We will leave this slide entirely up to you. However, use this slide to assure the influencer about payments and reimbursements.

14. Mood board

Lastly, you can share the kind of images you are looking to add to the content. The mood board will help influencers determine the style, tone, theme, color contrast, and other factors essential to interactive content creation.

Final thoughts!

There you have it. We have shared everything you ever wanted to know about creating an influencer marketing proposal. Are you looking to launch your influencer marketing campaign? Make sure you follow the steps to figure out your brand’s requirements and objectives.

This will help build a solid foundation for the rest of the influencer marketing campaign. Not only that, you can develop a comprehensive influencer marketing proposal effectively if you keep the objective in mind.

More importantly, try gathering as much information as possible about the influencers you are willing to work with. Indeed, the process can seem a little challenging. But you will get a grip on it in no time. Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!

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