Press Release Guide: What are the Benefits of a Press Release?

Enrico Miller
November 2, 2022
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Press release campaigns have significantly increased in popularity, and for a good reason. In fact, press releases have proven to be invaluable tools for most crypto ICOs, new product releases, or airdrops of new NFTs. They create immediate exposure, contributing to sales and community growth.

With the worldwide exposure of your new project, your message is positioned in a way that it's seen by the right audience hence attracting traffic to your brand. As we all know, the growth of crypto or NFT brands could be hindered if you have insufficient media coverage and exposure to the target audience. Notably, there are tons of press releases out there but barely any comprehensive information on why they are so important. For that reason, this article will explore the benefits of a press release and give tips on how you can make your next press release campaign successful.

What are the Benefits of a Press Release?

Undoubtedly, you could have the best crypto or NFT project, but it won't do very well if no one knows about it. And that's where the power of a well-curated press release comes into play. So, why is a press release important? Read on to find out more!

1. Immediate Exposure to Your Target Audience

 Immediate Exposure to Your Target Audience

As a new crypto brand, it's crucial to hit the ground quickly and gain initial traction for your products and services. Press releases are effective in helping you gain immediate exposure from a website that already has an established base of followers and loyal readers in your niche. That positions you perfectly so people know who you are and what you offer at the right time. Since you don't have an established audience, a press release will help you to create one. You will be featured on a high authority website which will allow you to build the initial trust and authority to catapult your crypto and NFT brand to the next level.

2. Potential Increase in Sales

Potential Increase in Sales

Besides helping your project gain exposure, press releases can help to boost your sales. While it's not a guarantee that your sales will go up, if your products and services are positioned to align with the interest of your audience, it can definitely happen. One of the most effective tricks to increase the probability of making sales is to highlight the features and benefits of your products and services in the press release. The press release will help generate some form of buzz around the product and help you tap into a new customer base.

3. Solidifies the Authenticity of your Crypto/NFT Brand

Solidifies the Authenticity of your Crypto/NFT Brand

Another benefit of a press release is that it establishes the authenticity of your crypto or NFT brand. Merely the fact that there's an established brand willing to give the arena shows the legitimacy of your products and services. In most cases, brands that use press releases frequently are three times more likely to gain a loyal customer base. On top of that, the NFT press release enhances your brand's reputation as it functions as a trust-building tool. After all, how your target audience perceives your brand can break or make your crypto brand.

4. Boosts Search Engine Optimization

Boosts Search Engine Optimization

Your press release copy is also a reliable tool for boosting your search engine optimization. Whenever your press release is published in a media publication, they link it to your website. That creates powerful backlinks that improve the overall SEO of your website. As your website's organic visibility slowly increases, so does your search engine traffic. Therefore, when creating your press release, ensure its well-optimized to see positive SEO results. With that said, include targeted keywords to support your SEO efforts.

5. Sustainability

Since you are just starting a new venture, you must keep your marketing and advertising costs minimal. Luckily, press releases are pretty effective while remaining very affordable. You will be surprised that the cost of a press release is more affordable compared to other forms of traditional paid advertising. Therefore, a press release offers you the opportunity to sustain the distribution at a reasonable cost.

6. It Boosts the Social Sharing Potential

People start interacting with your content as soon as your press release is distributed. If they find your project exciting, valuable and unique, they are more likely to share it with friends and family who may find it interesting as well. With that kind of social sharing, you will get loads of traffic, especially if your message aligns with the interests of your target audience. People love sharing something unique and valuable- this will be the easiest form of free marketing for your crypto or NFT brand.

Tips on How to Ace Your First Press Release

 Ace Your First Press Release

Now that you fully understand the benefits of a press release, especially in the competitive crypto market, it’s time to check out some tips you can use. Undoubtedly, distributing will help you gain creditability for your new crypto brand. Some of the best tips to ace your first press release include:

i. Identify the Goal

There are different stages where you can utilize the power of your press release. For instance, in the case of a cryptocurrency or NFT company, a press release is an effective way to get your message out there during a Defi service launch, hard or soft fork, NFT airdrop, or initial coin offering. That said, the primary goal for your press release must be clear in your head. Additionally, as a marketer, it would help if you decide on the goals of your press release to maximize the results. Without a good plan, the press release will likely air at the wrong time, leading to a missed full media coverage.

ii. Define the Target Audience

When writing your press release, you should always define the target audience. That ensures you have a clear idea of your PR campaign and the best effective way to execute it. And once your target audience is defined, it’s easy to find the right topic for your niche. More importantly, you can interpret the content in different languages depending on your target audience. Translating your press release into different languages ensures it can reach a broader audience. On top of that, if your audience belongs to other geographical areas, talking to them in their native language could positively impact your marketing campaign. You should also ensure your campaign includes all the industries it can apply to when it comes to blockchain press releases. For instance, if your press release involves a token relevant to Defi, supply chain management, banking, and other industries. In such a case, your press release needs to target these industries and ensure it resonates with these target audiences.

iii. Find a Suitable Channel and the Perfect Time for Your Press Release

With the target audience in mind and your goals set, you now have to identify a suitable medium and time for the press release. Finding an appropriate channel is as crucial as any other element of your press release. That’s because these mediums help ensure your target audience receives the message you are advertising. It would help to consider various avenues when selecting the perfect channel: social media, website, and collaboration with other sites. Ideally, each of these elements works to complement each other and should be incorporated into your press release strategy. You can also connect with popular websites in the crypto world, for instance, CoinDesk. Next is to set up your social channels to sync up with the press release. Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, and LunarCrush should all have a striking description of the press release. However, it would help if you remembered that reposting on your channels is not recommended for improving your search engine ranking. Pick the best channel to post your story and ensure every other media outlet publishes it almost simultaneously.

iv. Create an Interesting Press Release

A crypto-based press release can reach a vast audience within just a few hours. That’s all thanks to cryptos, NFTs, and Defi hype. That makes crypto press releases the best ‘secret’ weapon you can have when launching your business. When writing your press release, keep it crisp and short, with the primary keyword nicely incorporated into the text. The text should also include a perfectly designed call-to-action that will compel the reader to inquire more about the subject. On top of that, do not forget to include catchy subtitles, hashtags, and a headline. Depending on the main topic, including the significant announcement and, if possible, location and time. At the same time, ensure that the data in this press release is not leaked anywhere before the publishing date.

v. Build Strong Connections

Once the press release is up and running, you must keep your customers updated. The crypto market has multiple press releases a day. And if your content doesn’t entice your current audience, they’ll quickly move to the following site or social media channel. That said, creating newsworthy press releases will help pique the interest of your new-found audience and ensure they are adequately entertained. Another way to ensure the success of your project is by creating strong connections with influential crypto enthusiasts and journalists in the field.

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