How to do NFT Press Release Distribution?

Jesse Schwenk
November 9, 2022
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The increasing demand for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) suggests that the hype surrounding this cutting-edge innovation will persist well into 2022 and beyond. NFTs provides digital content creators a remarkable opportunity to make money while protecting their intellectual property by allowing them to tokenize their intangible assets, including artwork, memes, GIFs, 3D graphics, music, and movies, as cryptographic tokens. This widespread interest has resulted in an explosion of new NFT projects and art collections.

However, as NFTs continue to grow in popularity, scammers regularly carry out phishing attacks and other project-mimicking scams to trick people into buying fake or plagiarized NFTs. Sadly, due to the lack of regulation around NFTs, most of these scammers successfully deceive novice NFT investors and steal their valuable NFT assets. A fake NFT project or a scammer mimicking a blue-chip project may easily exploit unsuspecting NFT collectors and trick them into buying fake or plagiarized tokens. Such scams not only impact the individual NFT collector but also negatively impact the NFT community.

To avoid scammers copying your artwork or benefitting from your NFT project, early NFT projects need to establish an excellent social and web presence. Press Release (PR) distribution is one of the most powerful and cost-effective strategies for NFT projects to bring awareness and publicity to their NFT collection and earn credibility among NFT insiders. Thorough PR distribution is essential for all NFT projects to establish an excellent online presence so interested NFT collectors may distinguish between real and fake projects. In this article, we'll dive deep into NFT Press Release (PR) distribution strategies and understand the importance of PR distribution for NFT projects in establishing credibility and trust in the community.

What is NFT PR Distribution?

Press Release (PR) distribution in the NFT space refers to getting the word out about a project in the NFT community to the people who would be interested in learning about it. Using social media networks or news agencies to distribute a media release, press release distributors connect NFT projects with news outlets and journalists to create an online presence for the NFT project.

Reputation management, brand promotion, and NFT content marketing benefit greatly from NFT press release distribution, a type of paid marketing. High-profile NFT projects and early NFT collections benefit from PR distribution by having a voice in the NFT community.

NFT Expert guidance can be invaluable when crafting a press release. When choosing a distributor, it's essential to find one who is a suitable fit for your business, or you risk wasting your marketing budget.

Companies can use NFT PR distribution services to get their press releases out to journalists and media outlets by syndicating them to several websites. They can also facilitate communication with online communities, bloggers, and NFT social media influencers.

How to do NFT PR Distribution?

According to a recent Cision survey, 42% of respondents rated press releases (PR) as the most reliable media exposure, followed by spokespersons and company websites with 29% and 21%, respectively.

There are two fundamental approaches to distribution for NFT press releases (PR): working with a professional NFT press release service (a newswire) or distributing the PR yourself. Let’s look at both options:

Press release distribution

1. Distributing the NFT PR yourself:

Unless the NFT PR distribution is local or the PR professional has established contacts with the media outlets or journalists they are targeting, most PR professionals will not distribute a press release on their own.

This last point is critical since establishing connections with target media outlets is vital to receiving coverage, especially from journalists. To avoid wasting your marketing budget, you must understand precisely what will pique the interest of the journalists you wish to contact before sending out any press releases. For example, if your release is about a new NFT art project or collectible items, sending it to a PR publisher focusing on fashion is generally not the best move. For a successful PR distribution, one must understand how to get a PR in front of a famous media or news outlet.

The difficulty of measuring return on investment is another obstacle to independent NFT PR distribution. While it may be simple to watch when a media company gives your story a pick-up, it may be more challenging to capture other forms of engagement without the help of a third-party media monitoring service.

2. Working with an NFT PR Service:

NFT PR distribution services, sometimes known as "newswires," electronically disseminate press releases to media organizations, both traditional and non-traditional, both online and in print, journalists, search engines, and social media websites and blogs. The term "newswire" originated from the practice of transmitting press releases through telegraph wires.

Over the years, not much has changed about this process. In most cases, it entails sending your NFT PR through email to a newswire, professional evaluation, editing, and then sending it to your targeted PR publishers.

NFT PR Service/NFT Brand

If you plan on distributing your release to a sizable audience spread across a significant geographic area or to members of a specific online community, working with an NFT PR service is brilliant. NFT newswires often have relationships with NFT and tech media outlets that could be essential for getting your NFT press release published, boosting your chances of search engine optimization (SEO), and possibly getting your project story picked up by a prominent media company.

Most public relations (PR) professionals working on NFT projects utilize NFT PR services since working with a newswire can be a practical approach to reaching multiple audiences fast and efficiently.

3. Choose the Right NFT PR Service:

There are hundreds of NFT PR services available online that you may choose from when planning your NFT PR distribution. Selecting the exemplary NFT PR service to help you reach your target audience and community or accomplish your goals can be challenging because of the wide variety of services available.

If your press release's target audience includes famous NFT media outlets, it is essential to understand that such media companies often ignore irrelevant content. So, ensure the NFT media agencies and other interested parties will see your content by properly targeting them with the exemplary NFT PR service.

Finally, most NFT PR services offer analytics to track your press release's reach, views, and engagement. The analytics may be helpful if you want to assess the reach and engagement of your PR content. When choosing an NFT PR service, you may check if they offer analytics or not.

How can PR Distribution Help your NFT Project Marketing?

Your NFT project could gain the following advantages if you pick the best NFT PR service or understand how to distribute NFT press releases (PRs) correctly:

  • Establish a positive reputation for the NFT project inside your target audience or community.
  • Increase awareness of your NFT project and encourage engagement around it. Build up your popularity and credibility among the NFT community.
  • Highlight your NFT collection’s rarity and uniqueness
  • Finally, boost your NFT's value to attract more investors.

Benco Services – the leading NFT PR Service:

Benco Services is a full-service crypto NFT marketing and management service that focuses on the challenging sectors of blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrency marketing. They recognize potential marketing issues that NFT projects may be experiencing and develop solutions to keep them ahead in the competitive NFT market. Benco Services offers the following solutions to NFT projects:

  • Social media management
  • Content production
  • Creative and branding
  • Community management, and more.

They have the experience and knowledge to guarantee NFT project exposure to the appropriate audience as a leading crypto and NFT marketing & consulting agency. They are highly knowledgeable about the NFT ecosystem, DeFi, DAOs, tokens, exchanges, P2E games, and more, and they can create a thorough marketing & management strategy that will assist in your NFT project success. Their NFT PR service is the leading PR distribution service in the NFT community.

Please visit their website and get in touch with them to learn more about how Benco services may assist you in achieving your Web3 marketing goals.

The Takeaway – Why Choose Benco Services for your NFT PR Distribution?

With over $17 billion in trade in 2021, the NFT space may soon become the most significant investment market in the world. Due to the massive inflow of capital into this new market has quickly developed into a haven for scammers and other cyber criminals who want to take advantage of NFTs investors and collectors by selling fake or plagiarized NFTs.

NFT project marketing.webp

Luckily, you can use NFT PR services to establish trust and credibility around your NFT project by creating an online presence for your NFT project.

Benco Services, a web3 agency, offers various project development services that may support the organic growth of your NFT project. Using their NFT PR service, you may accomplish the following objectives:

  • Improve the effectiveness of your marketing budget: Benco Services has years of expertise in creating & implementing effective outreach programs for customers ranging from blue-chip NFT projects to beginner ones.
  • Boost your NFT project marketing campaign: Benco services will expertly position your NFT project so that it receives the considerable attention of media professionals, bloggers, and industry influencers.
  • Create Effective Website Content: Benco Services will assist you in every stage of the writing process and point you in the direction of the media sources that will be most beneficial to your NFT project.
  • Develop helpful content for attracting more buyers to your NFT project: Once Benco Services generates your PR copy, its editors will provide feedback on anything from tone to length to content relevancy based on their personal experiences so that your project has valuable content for attracting new NFT collectors.

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